Bemis has a different way to spread the love



For the last two years, Bemis Elementary decided to pass on their traditional Valentine Day classroom parties in favor of helping others. Fifth graders Jacob Ritter and Daniel Xiao pick up the story from here.

 by Jacob Ritter and Daniel Xiao, Bemis Elementary

Sandwiches are being bagged. Ham is going on the bread. Our class is making food for the homeless as a Valentine’s Day party. For all the kids attending the party, all were in favor of helping the homeless instead of having a normal Valentines party. Before making the sandwiches, for the meal, everyone decorated a bag and made a card for the receiver. Every meal also Included an orange, chocolates, water, granola bars, and chips. During the party we question several students and also get Mrs. Smiley’s  thoughts about the warm-hearted party. 


After careful questioning, we asked several students, “How does it feel to help those in need?” Most kids answered that it feels good to help and Zoie Shaw stated, “It benefits people that need it more.” We also asked,” What do you think of the party overall?” Arnav Lavanuru exclaimed, “It feels like double the party.”  

We did a survey and we find that all the kids enjoyed the feeling of making lunches for the homeless more than an average Valentine’s Day party. We hope to see other schools and classes do #hashtaglunchbag. 

To many kids, Valentine’s Day means a party with snacks and sweets. But 5th graders in Mrs. Kim Smiley-Nahhat’s class at Bemis Elementary decided to make lunches for homeless people. Photos: Darrel Ellis