Buck Wilder (aka Tim Smith) visits Bemis

Bestselling children’s author Tim Smith stopped by Bemis Elementary to visit with students as part of the school’s author series.

Bemis’s Ella McAllister covers her mouth as she and classmates laugh at the title of Buck Wilder’s book “Who Stole the Animal’s Poop?”






The Michigan author/illustrator is the creator of the popular ‘Buck Wilder? book series, which teaches kids about fishing, hiking, camping and boating.


Smith talked about his writing career, how characters like Buck and ‘Fuzzy the Worm? were created, his love of fishing that started it all, and how long it takes him to draw and write a page (one week). Most of his books are 62 pages long.

Smith encouraged students to turn off their televisions, use their imaginations, try new things and discover where their talents lay.

His advice to student: Don’t worry if someone laughs at you, just keeping going, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes (that’s why erasers were invented).