Hard work adds up for Bemis mathematicians


Story submitted by Lijo Thommana, Bemis Elementary parent.

Go Bemis Solar Bears!

Congratulations to Bemis Solar Bears. Bemis Elementary in Troy School District has won the 2017 Second Place Silver National Math Pentathlon Award for the Michigan-Ohio National Center. Congratulations to the dedicated work of Stephanie Pilarsky and other divisional coaches who provided the leadership to direct the Math Pentathlon Program and the other MP Coaches at Bemis as well as the principal, Jeremy Whan, who supported their efforts.

The math Pentathlon games help to improve the student’s skills in problem solving, computational, spatial-geometric, and scientific-logical reasoning, and STEM-related goals as well as good sportsmanship.

We are so proud of the Bemis pentathlets. Bemis Math club was formed with volunteer parents under the supervision of Ms Stephanie Pilarski and the guidance of Principal Mr Whan. Bemis PTO sponsored the Pentathlon games. The club prepared students during the year-long weekly Pentathlon preparation sessions. The kids not only learned how to play the five mathematical games and apply the math skills they have learned in class to the games, but also developed skills in strategizing their moves and critical thinking by challenging opponents’ move and defending themselves. These skills will stay with them and benefit them for the rest of their life. Another aspect of games and competition is perseverance, fair play and sportsmanship.

The amazing success came with tremendous support and help from many people. All the parents volunteered throughout the practice sessions and at the national tournament as coaches, game monitors, and organizers.

Around 100 students from Bemis attended the National tournament. They played five one-on-one math pentathlon games with other 1800 participating students at the national tournament. The following are the scores

7 Hall of Fame with Gold Awards
7 Gold Awards
23 Silver Awards
9 Bronze Awards
19 Honorable Mention awards
35 Pentathlete awards