MSCI 2017 Spring Fling IE Festival

Submitted by Boulan Park Middle School

I am so incredibly proud of our kids!
We brought 32 events to competition today and left with 27 trophies. Out of the 13 different competitive categories, we took 2nd place in 7 of those categories and 1st place in 7 of those categories!
Overall in our division, when mixed in with the the two high school tournaments that were running simultaneously with our middle school one, we walked away with 3rd place.
It was the largest tournament in over a decade with 650+ competitors! The tournament was long (we spent 14 long hours at tournament) and hard on the kids but our troopers pulled through and made it until the end. Words cannot express my pride for our students and their hard work, dedication, and most of all their humility.
Here are the finalists and their awards:
– Allison Liu 6th place
– Rishi Tatavarthi 4th place
– Captain Pranay Gupta 2nd place
– Adarsh Barki 3rd place
– Sharanya Swaminathan 1st place
Original Oratory:
– Krish Ghosalkar 2nd place
– Assistant Captain Riya Chakravarty 1st place
Storytelling – 
– Assistant Captain Shraddha Gatla 3rd place
Sales – 
– Aleena Mallik 6th place
– Ivy Shi 4th place
– Lily Yang 1st place
Poetry – 
– Smriti Suresh 4th place
– Megha Sharma 2nd place
– Isabella Cook 1st place
Impromptu –
– Pranav Bellad 4th place
Dramatic Interpretation – 
– Denna Aboul-Hassan 5th place
– Archita Girmannagari 2nd place
Original Interpretation – 
– Ananya Ramanan 4th place
– Christine Zeng 2nd place
– Katie Zhao 1st place
Declamation – 
– Grace Pattabhi 4th place
– Olivia Ray 1st place
Dramatic Duo –
– Mia Simone and Elizabeth Maher 5th place
– Naisha Phadke and Amay Baweja 3rd place
– Wade Wudyka and Alex Matthews 2nd place
Multiple Interpretation – 
– Bring it On: Captain Ashley Golden, Jack Matthews, Danielle Kurkowski, Skylar Farah, Vandhana Purushothaman, and Dominika Urbaniak 2nd place
– Alice in Wonderland: Tatum Pafford, Natalie Haras, Noah Sabaj, Allison Wei, Fuzail Ahmed, Asesh Chanda, Martina Santangelo, and Gautam Bajaj 1st place