Send Your “Grad” a “Gram”

Ethnic Flair

Athens seniors Christina Bouey and Ellory Thill show off their bindis in the late evening light at the school’s Ethnic Fair. (photo by Rodney Curtis)

“We’re just listening to music and enjoying our time here,” said Athens High senior Nisha Desai as she broke into a spontaneous dance with some of her friends in the school’s cafeteria. “This is basically just a bunch of countries getting together and representing their culture. It’s an amazing event. It brings our entire school together.” Continue reading “Ethnic Flair”

“Senior” Prom

James Savage dances first with Troy High junior Gracie Malotke and then with his wife Betty. “I taught him to dance,” Betty said. Asked if he’s a good dancer, Betty replied, “He is now!” (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“I love it because we never got to go to the senior prom together,” said Fran Walden, dancing with her husband. “So now, after 52 years of marriage, we get to!”

They weren’t alone. Continue reading ““Senior” Prom”

International Night

During International Night at Troy Union Elementary, Radhika Shah — a mother and volunteer — paints a henna tattoo on 5th-grader Bia Barato while her daughter, 1st-grader Kairavi, watches.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

The food in the Troy Union cafeteria was particularly good Tuesday night.

“I liked that we got to eat different food from other countries and see their cultures,” said student Valeria Miranda.

The school was celebrating International Night with dancing, displays, food and music. Continue reading “International Night”

“Great Weather and Good Attitudes”

The Larson track team runs sprints during Tuesday afternoon practice.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

It’s not easy finding the Larson Middle School track.

You can ask the kid on his bike riding away from the school. He’ll point behind him and keep riding. Or you can ask the band kids as they’re walking home and they’ll point to a seemingly seamless line of trees.

But walk toward those trees and you’ll see a pathway in the budding spring growth. Follow it, cross over a pretty brook and opening up before you — like an entirely new part of Troy that you never knew existed — you’ll see the track and about 160 7th and 8th grade boys and girls beginning their conditioning. Continue reading ““Great Weather and Good Attitudes””

Mr. Troy High

The Mr. Troy High contestants, in all manner of dress, hang out backstage before Thursday night’s event. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Maybe you don’t consider waffle making and donut eating a talent. But if you were in the crowd at Troy High last night, you probably would’ve clapped just as loudly for them as you would’ve for the excellent piano playing, singing, dancing, juggling while skateboarding and yes, even a striptease.

Welcome to the 2017 Mr. Troy High pageant. Continue reading “Mr. Troy High”

Back to School … WAY Back!

Because they supposedly didn’t do their homework, Costello Elementary 2nd-graders Jalen Jones and Katherine Heywood volunteered to wear dunce caps, like their forebears did back in the 1870s.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Sit up straight.

Fold your hands on the desk in front of you.

Maybe Costello Elementary second-graders weren’t prepared for the realities of school life Troy, circa the 1870s. But then again, maybe they were. Continue reading “Back to School … WAY Back!”

A Pillar of Support

Troy Union students react to the oversized check presented to Erin Prendergast, right, the Support Staff Person of the Year for the district.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

A large contingent of top school district administrators and staff burst into a Troy Union classroom this morning. They brought flowers, treats and an oversized check made out to Erin Prendergast, surprising her in front of her students. Continue reading “A Pillar of Support”

“Outstanding school, great teachers!”

Morse Elementary teachers Sara Ventimiglio and Caitlin Sarnowski walk back to their classrooms Monday with their free lunch and gift bags.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“Morse is totally awesome!”

“They go the extra mile.”

“They genuinely care about the kids, neighborhood and community.” Continue reading ““Outstanding school, great teachers!””

Making Connections

A group of adult ESL students get job applications from Maureen Finnigan, who owns the Troy Tim Hortons restaurants. Several employers were on hand at the symposium to talk about job openings.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Shaimaa Almadani and Shaimaa Kanawi listen to the introductions during the symposium. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Continue reading “Making Connections”

“They should be proud of themselves!”

Troy High’s Danny Sully goes up for two against West Bloomfield’s Chris Oviasu. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Troy High’s basketball season came to the end at Calihan Hall Tuesday night as the Colts were defeated by West Bloomfield in Class A quarterfinal play.

“It was a fantastic season for the Colts. I’m absolutely proud of the boys,” said Curtis Myers, head of the Troy High Athletic Boosters. “They did better than I think anyone expected.

Even though the game didn’t end with a win, it was a fantastic season for the team and its fans. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Continue reading ““They should be proud of themselves!””