The Knight Sky

Dave Mitchell talks about the ancient Greeks and how they named the constellations as he sits beneath an inflatable SkyDome planetarium at Smith Middle School on Monday. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Normally in a middle school gym, you don’t find kids sitting around — lying around, even — in the dark. But Smith Knight seventh graders weren’t in gym class on Monday; it was a full-on science day for them. Continue reading “The Knight Sky”

Free Books, Free Stories, Free Cookies and a Dog

Reading specialist Lisa McDonald and second-grade teacher Ed Segovia end their Dr. Seuss presentation with a laugh at the Morse Elementary Story and Book Bonanza. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

You don’t normally get to hear an elementary school principal talk about a flatulent dog. But then again, you don’t normally hear about a contest between a rhino and a hippo, or pale green pants with nobody inside them either. Continue reading “Free Books, Free Stories, Free Cookies and a Dog”

Super Substitute

Dr. Richard Machesky, the Superintendent of Troy Schools, substitute teaches in Betsy Murphy’s third grade class at Hamilton Elementary on Wednesday afternoon. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Hamilton Elementary third-graders had a different kind of substitute teacher on Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Richard Machesky, the Superintendent of Troy Schools, stood in as the teacher for Betsy Murphy’s class. Continue reading “Super Substitute”

To borrow a phrase from Gomer Pyle: “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”


Wattles’ Ms. Phillips reacts to the surprise news today that she had been selected the District’s Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Photo: Potter Productions

Congratulations to Troy’s Teachers of the Year! Surprise Announcements for Elementary, Middle and High School Continue reading “To borrow a phrase from Gomer Pyle: “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!””

A Look Back: What a Week!

Athens students Ellory Thill and Elise Leverenz reveal the Charity Week fundraising record! (photos by Darrel Ellis)

Soon, district seniors will fly to their favorite Spring Break destinations. We’re not sure the seniors at Athens will need a plane, though. The Class of 2017 and the rest of the Red Hawks are still flying high from pulling off the seemingly impossible during Charity Week.

Continue reading “A Look Back: What a Week!”

Passing With Es

“You should be grateful for your sight,” said Olivia Essebaggers as she checked out the boxes, rows and letter Es in a vision screener.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

In a tiny room back behind the office at Leonard Elementary, the Titmus V3 waited for students. On only the third sunny day of the year so far, Lisa Arden — a vision technician with the Oakland County Health Division — tested students with the Titmus vision screener. Continue reading “Passing With Es”

The Impact of an 11-Year-Old Girl

Three of the many organizers of Athens Charity Week; Nina Como, Joey Stark and Aubreigh Wachowski show their support for Jenna Kast.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

You may have seen the shirts or jerseys around town, at a local restaurant, on the football field.

J. Kast, 24, W.E. Believe in Miracles

It’s all about a young girl who left Troy and this world far too soon. But she also left an unforgettable mark. Continue reading “The Impact of an 11-Year-Old Girl”

Super Reading Powers

Wass Elementary kindergartner Cristian Petrous activates his Super Reading Power in a “secret hideout,” while third-graders Evan Dow and Marco Iaquinto listen. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Kindergarten teacher Amy Kendall walked around the room in a cape and mask, spraying Whisper Power Activator. Thus, three classrooms at Wass Elementary were transformed into super power lairs. Continue reading “Super Reading Powers”