It’s not every day Frederick Douglass shares the limelight with U2 frontman Bono. Nor would you find Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai rubbing elbows with Harriet Tubman. But these powerful, yet peaceful luminaries were on display Friday, in the form of Hill Elementary fourth graders.

“This is the culmination of a research project where the students chose people who we designated as “peacemakers” or “human rights heroes” to learn about them and create a presentation to help others learn about them,” said fourth-grade teacher Mike McEvoy.

The students came dressed for their Showcase of Peacemakers and Human Rights Heroes. Traveling around to different classrooms, then in front of parents afterward, the fourth graders gave presentations about who they were portraying.

Here are some of their wonderful words of wisdom.

“I chose Malala because she was shot and survived it and she won the Nobel Peace Prize,” said Mackenzie Clarke, portraying Malala Yousafzai.

“My mom’s a nurse, so when I searched it up I thought, ‘that’s kind of cool.’ She started the American Red Cross because she went to Europe and found a group of people and thought we needed something just like that here,” said Samantha Sulak, portraying Clara Barton.

“I like how she was trying to find peace among nations. She walked around the USA to stop nuclear bombs and help people find inner peace and put others before themselves,” said Daniella Boufford, portraying Mildred Norman, the Peace Pilgrim.

“He’s a very good guy. He gave the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves,”said Aidan Mahoney, portraying Abraham Lincoln.

“He was a really helpful human rights person. He was one of the reasons why the Civil War was won by the North. He helped convince Lincoln to bring 186,000 former slaves to help fight. Abraham kind of doubted it at one point, but when he saw how good they were doing, he said, ‘Fred, go get more.’ And then Fred actually surprised the world by marrying a white woman,” said Drew Bailey, portraying Frederick Douglass.

“A lot of people think they know a lot about him because he created E=mc2, but there’s a lot more to him. His theory allowed people to create TV,” said Yousif Khaldon, portraying Albert Einstein.

“Harriet believed that slavery was a bad idea and that everybody should be treated equally,” said AJ Miller, portraying Harriet Tubman.

“He donated glasses to so many kids to help them learn,” said Ella Sidorowicz, portraying Yash Gupta, who — starting as a teen — has now donated more than $1.5 million worth of eyeglasses to students around the world.

“He donated millions of dollars to charity. And he started 30 charities himself. He’s a singer and I love to sing. My favorite song of his is It’s A Beautiful Day,” said Ashley Miller, portraying U2 frontman and humanitarian Bono.