Super Substitute

Dr. Richard Machesky, the Superintendent of Troy Schools, substitute teaches in Betsy Murphy’s third grade class at Hamilton Elementary on Wednesday afternoon. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Hamilton Elementary third-graders had a different kind of substitute teacher on Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Richard Machesky, the Superintendent of Troy Schools, stood in as the teacher for Betsy Murphy’s class.

“The Troy Foundation for Educational Excellence was trying to raise money,” explained secretary to the Hamilton principal Pam Byrd. “You could sign up for a payroll deduction of $5 per pay to wear jeans on Friday.”

Dr. Machesky goes over some editing marks the students made on a story. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

But the superintendent wanted to take things a little further. “In order to get more participation, Dr. Machesky came up with the idea that you would get half a day off if you were chosen” in a drawing, continued Byrd. “Once a month, a teacher will be chosen.”

The money goes to the foundation. And if Dr. Machesky comes to your class, you may just get a lesson in reading and punctuation. Today’s readings were Owls Are Great Hunters and a student-written piece about Piston Andre Drummond.

“Who controls what the reader needs to know?” asked Machesky of the class.

“The Author,” they answered.

“Who controls the punctuation?” he continued.

“The Author,” they said again.

And with that, they launched into at exercise about paragraph placement and storytelling before moving to indoor recess.

Dr. Machesky works with student Patrick Johnson on his writing piece about Piston Andre Drummond.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Author: Rodney Curtis

Administrator of the SchoolLifeTroy website

6 thoughts on “Super Substitute”

  1. Our superintendent is one of a kind! My students were so excited to have him visit for the afternoon and I was thrilled to have been chosen in the raffle. This was a day my students will always remember. I’m excited to hear the highlights of their time with Dr. Machesky tomorrow.

  2. Nice work Dr. Machesky (aka Coach). It would be great to see more superintendents doing this. It gives them a glimpse of what’s happening everyday in classrooms. What better way to do this than to actually be in the classroom. I have no doubt he’s doing a great job leading this district. He’s a great person with a big heart.

  3. Great example of leadership Dr. Machesky. UCS’s loss was definitely Troy’s gain. Happy for your students and your teachers.

  4. We are so grateful for Dr. Machesky! And honestly, the thing that is inspiring more people to enter in the drawing is NOT the half-day off. It is the possibility of giving our leader an idea of what our day is like and what the current challenges in education are so that we can make positive change for the future of our students’ life.

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