TCCHS, Troy Continuing Education & Troy Intersect Virtual Graduates

TCC Teacher Jonathan Matthews adjusts tassels and caps, including the one on Evan Eisenberg, before their group photo.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

It’s official, summer is finally here. Never mind that the solstice hasn’t quite happened yet; the entire Troy School District has now officially graduated their 2017 seniors.

Aby Eichels and Chole Strefling celebrate beforehand. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Troy College & Career High, along with Troy Continuing Education and Troy Intersect Virtual, held their commencement exercises Wednesday night at Troy High.

Teachers, principal, support staff and students line up for a group shot outside of Troy High. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“I’m really excited and glad to be able to walk the stage,” said Ethan Hilzinger. “It’s a good feeling that I’ve accomplished getting through high school and I’m ready to move on to OCC.”

Laughing and having fun before graduation. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

As bagpipes from Michigan Scottish Pipes and Drums played on stage, seniors processed down the stairs into the front of the auditorium, following their teachers.

“I am so excited and nervous; I don’t know how to feel. I’m so overwhelmed,” said Samantha Linares.

Graduating seniors filed into the auditorium past parents, friends and family. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“We are so proud of all of our graduates,” said Susan Flewelling, English and College Seminar teacher. “In addition to their numerous accomplishments, 70 percent of our TCCHS graduates have participated in our Dual Enrollment program by having attended college or are prepared to do so in the fall.”

One of the more elaborately decked out caps. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“I do online, so I’m at the Intersect program,” said Aby Eichles. “I’m dual enrolled; I take classes at OCC. I like working from home; I get a lot done. I’m excited for high school to be over and to continue on at college.”

Principal Deb Linford introduces Parker Gilchrist. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Administrators, a board member and students spoke during the ceremonies.

“When people think of alternative high school students, they think of bad kids,” said Parker Gilchrist in her graduation remarks. “But we’ve all shown that’s not the case.”

Seniors, including Erin Long, listen to commencement remarks. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“Often time, people assume we’re losers,” echoed Erin Long in her own graduation remarks. “But we’re not; we followed our dreams together.”

Sophie Rivers delivers her remarks. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“I am so thankful for all the time and effort these teachers have put in for me,” said Sophie Rivers in her graduation remarks.

Parents and family document the event. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“The only bad mistake is one that you don’t learn from,” said principal Deb Linford. “I wish all of you good fortune as you move forward in the years to come.”

Ethan Hilzinger receives his diploma from school board president Dr. Nancy Philippart. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Talk about moving forward, “I’ve got a lot of big plans coming up in life; I’m pretty excited about it,” said Kenny Vang. “This summer I’m going to relax and enjoy myself. And I’m going to Thailand!”

TCC Teacher Michelle Leonard was at the end of the receiving line receiving hugs after the students picked up their diplomas.
(photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

The diplomas were bestowed and the students were met with a lineup of teachers offering hugs and handshakes.

Friends helped friends move their tassels to the other side, signifying graduation. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“The class of 2017 has been a joy to work with,” said Pat Dawood, Social Studies and Dual Enrollment teacher. “They were a very close-knit group of kids, even though they came from different districts, schools, and socio-economic backgrounds. The one aspect that sticks out the most for me, is how incredibly self-motivated they were. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. Don’t forget to visit us!”

Hugs in the packed hallway afterward. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

“I’m nervous, but it’s exciting. You don’t know what the future holds. This is finally starting my life, doing what I really want to do. I want to become a medical examiner so I’m going to CMU for biology/bio-medical,” said Whitney Reef.

Arif Hussain was given flowers and balloons by his family after graduating. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)

Out in the hallway and in front of the school afterward, a crush of parents, family and friends greeted the new graduates. It was a happy celebration for everyone.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. School Life Troy wishes everyone a fun, safe and relaxing summer!


TCC Teacher Jonathan Matthews is still adjusting tassels and caps. (photo by Rodney Curtis/School Life Troy)